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About 立博中文版 Ocean Bank Center for Educational Materials

海洋银行赞助, 立博中文版 Ocean Bank Center for Educational Materials is an 11,000平方英尺的仓库和分配计划,接受捐赠的新的和少量使用过的立博中文版我们的时事通讯用品, 教育材料, 过多的库存, 以及公司的剩余供应. 然后供应就可以了, 免费, to Miami-Dade County Public Schools' teachers for their classrooms. 结果是, Miami-Dade students in need are receiving the necessary tools to succeed in the classroom. 

When it comes to creative teaching aids, teachers have come to depend on 立博中文版 Ocean Bank Center for Educational Materials 为他们提供基本的学习要点和独特的教学工具,以激励学生. 

Teachers may shop every six months (twice each year) for free, or on more occasions if they volunteer their time at the warehouse. As a source of free materials for public school classrooms, the Ocean Bank Center has raised $18+ million in classroom supplies and has logged over 32,300 educator visits since opening in 1993, 达到2.500多万M-DCPS学生.

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We are partnering with community nonprofits to provide supplies to students and people in need. 我们通过非营利性合作伙伴关系,投资于扩大儿童学习活动材料的供应和分发. 秋季向立博中文版我们的时事通讯的大宗运输和2021-22学年的供应分配将为最容易受到COVID-19导致的学业滑坡影响的儿童提供支持.



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